Our mission is to connect passionate individuals with organizations that promote conservation globally and locally.


Conservation Finder is currently growing its data base of conservation organizations throughout the world and in your own back yard. If you are familiar with an organization in your area, go to our Contact page and send us an e-mail. After we thoroughly have vetted your organization we will post along with our other organizations. The time is now to start conserving the other inhabitants of earth for future generations.

The goal of the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress – Planet At A Crossroads:

“The ecosystems that underpin our economies, well-being and survival are collapsing. Species are becoming extinct at unprecedented rates. Our climate is in crisis. And it’s all happening on our watch”.

Humans are behind the current rate of species extinction, which is at least 100–1,000 times higher than nature intended. WWF’s 2014 Living Planet Report found wildlife populations of vertebrate species—mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish—have declined by 52 percent over the last 40 years.


One individual can contribute a lot, Conservation Finder wants to help that individual find their passion and start contributing.



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