• Penguin Rescue

    We’re giving penguins a helping hand ​​Our vision: To remove yellow-eyed penguins off the endangered species list ​Our mission: To provide sanctuary for penguins ​ Our work: ​Optimise penguin habitat Maximise penguin survival and breeding success Minimise disturbance of penguins Enhance management through research Advocate for penguin conservation Yellow-eyed penguins breed

  • West Coast Penguin Trust

    About the Penguin Trust Blue Penguin and chicks The West Coast Penguin Trust is a charitable trust formed in 2006 by local residents concerned at the decline in blue penguin populations. The Trust promotes the awareness and enjoyment of blue penguins and other coastal birds through participation in community events,

  • Tawaki Project

    The Fiordland penguin (Eudyptes pachyrhynchus) or tawaki is believed to be one of the rarest penguins worldwide. It is one of six crested penguin species (Eudyptes spp.), a group that has experienced significant population declines in the past decades. Climate change and associated reduction of oceanic productivity are likely an

  • Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust

    About the yellow-eyed penguin The scientific name of the yellow-eyed penguin is Megadyptes antipodes,which means a big diver from the southern lands (mega = big, dyptes = diver, antipodes = southern lands). Its Maori name, hoiho (meaning noise shouter), was given because of its shrill call. An ancient Maori name