• Conserv Congo

    Conserv Congo is a nature conservation non-profit organization based in Kinshasa, Democratic republic of Congo. Founded by Adams Cassinga, a former investigative journalist turned wildlife crimes investigator, the movement is supported by a team of activists who volunteer their time, knowledge and skills to bring wildlife traffickers before justice. Created

  • Elephants for Africa

    Elephants for Africa is a charity that is committed to protecting the endangered African elephant through research and education. Working towards human-wildlife coexistence, we conduct research to conserve the African elephant through understanding the ecological and social requirements of male African elephants and put these into the context of human-wildlife

  • David Shepard Wildlife Foundation

    WORKING TO SAVE ENDANGERED SPECIES OUR VISION Our vision is for a world where man shares the planet in harmony with other creatures living in their natural habitat. OUR MISSION The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation is a small, highly effective wildlife conservation charity funding key conservation projects across Africa and Asia.

  • Ape Alliance

    About Us The Ape Alliance, which started in 1996 (read about 2001 – An Ape Odyssey), is an international coalition of organizations and individuals (view Ape Alliance members), working for the conservation and welfare of apes. It exists to: Provide a forum for discussion of issues relating to apes. Develop position papers

  • SOS Primates

    ABOUT US SOS Primates is formed by a multidisciplinary team of people working in the world of primatology, animal welfare and conservation. Most have worked and collaborated in primates rescue centers in different countries, knowing firsthand the situation facing this group of animals. In order to publicize these problems and

  • Tsavo Trust

    Our Mission To give both the wildlife and the people of Tsavo the right to a future. How we achieve this We are ambitious, yet realistic. Over the next ten years, the Tsavo Trust will undertake three targeted and focused work-streams to help to fulfil our mission: Wildlife Conservation Program:

  • Amboseli Trust for Elephants

    ATE’s research arm, the Amboseli Elephant Research Project, has made many important contributions to elephant research over the years. The knowledge gained from the AERP team has profoundly altered the way we think about, conserve and manage elephant populations. Our research has highlighted the ethical implications of dealing with sentient,

  • Painted Dog Research Trust

    Painted Dog Research About the Trust With research as the guiding tool, Painted Dog Research Trust is dedicated to the conservation of the highly endangered Painted dog also known as the African wild dog. This work has been ongoing for 25 years by the founder Dr Greg Rasmussen, thus making

  • Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage

    Chipangali is a haven for wild animals which have little hope for survival in the wild – creatures which have been orphaned, abandoned, injured, born in captivity or brought up unsuccessfully as pets. It is often the last refuge for those brought in sick or injured, and increasingly it is

  • The Ol Pejeta Conservancy

    From a working cattle ranch in colonial Kenya, to a trailblazer of conservation innovation – the story of Ol Pejeta is as enchanting as it is inspirational. Today, Ol Pejeta is the largest black rhino sanctuary in east Africa, and home to three of the world’s last remaining northern white rhino.