Viva Vaquita was conceived on 9 September 2009 by concerned researchers and educators from three nonprofit organizations: Cetos Research Organization, Save The Whales, and the American Cetacean Society, Monterey Bay Chapter. Later, we were joined by others with an interest in vaquita conservation: ACS National and other local chapters, Oceanographic Environmental Research Society (OERS), the Muskwa Club, and V-Log.

In order to save this Critically Endangered species we realize we must work together and hope more organizations and individuals will join us in our campaign to Save The Vaquita.


Our Mission

┬íVIVA Vaquita! is a coalition of like-minded scientists, educators, and conservationists, who strive to increase the attention given to the vaquita, the World’s most endangered marine mammal species. Our goals and mission are to generate awareness of the vaquita and to promote a healthy Upper Gulf of California ecosystem. We conduct research, public awareness and education activities to bring this about. Ultimately, we aim to help save the vaquita from extinction, and to do so in a way that also provides long-term benefits to the fisherman and other residents who live around the Gulf of California, Mexico.

The Vaquita Porpoise:

A Conservation Emergency

The vaquita porpoise (Phocoena sinus) is considered by many to be the rarest and most-endangered species of marine mammal in the world. in May 2016, the population size of the vaquita is considered to be 60, based on the results of a 2015 vessel survey and acoustic study. It is the smallest of only seven species of true porpoises, and is the only one that lives in warm waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean. It is found in a tiny area in the extreme northern Gulf of California, near Baja California, Mexico. Learn more about vaquita>

Only an immediate and total ban on gillnets in the entirety of the vaquita’s range can save it from extinction.

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