The Zambezi Society

The Zambezi River is Africa’s fourth-largest river and is one of the finest and least spoilt in the world. Its basin is larger than the Sahara Desert and flows through eight countries in central and southern Africa. It is rich in biological diversity. Its wetlands, aquatic systems, riverine woodlands, montane forests, dry forests and savannahs are all complex eco-systems which support abundant wildlife and a great diversity of trees and plants; some species are native only to the Zambezi region. It has magnificent wilderness values which are becoming increasingly attractive to the international tourism market. These valuable resources are facing many challenges and threats.

Conserving Wildlife

We help to conserve the most vulnerable of the Zambezi’s species e.g. black rhinoceros, elephant, leopard and cheetah.

Promoting Wilderness

We create awareness about the global significance of the Zambezi’s wild places and educate people about the need to conserve wilderness for the benefit of future generations.


Through our Wildlife Outreach Programme, we are helping to educate Zambezi rural communities and schoolchildren about the significance and value of their wildlife resources.

National Parks Support

We provide material support to under-funded Zambezi National Parks and Protected Areas because we believe their continued existence is vital to the future of the region’s wildlife heritage.

Advocacy and Planning

We lobby for conservation-sensitive, basin-wide, planning and for sustainable development which benefits the people of the Zambezi region without harming wildlife or wilderness.