Siyafunda Wildlife & Conservation

Siyafunda Wildlife and Conservation is a dedicated conservation volunteering organisation. We focus singularly on establishing volunteer projects within conservation areas.

“To Learn and To Teach” (“Siyafunda” in Zulu) are the objectives on which Siyafunda Wildlife and Conservation is founded and the basic principles that drive our projects. Our aim is to obtain a greater understanding of wildlife and the environment in which it thrives and to teach our knowledge to all who assist us at our Siyafunda projects.

Siyafunda was founded in 2004 to assist the Greater Makalali Game Reserve with monitoring their elephants as part of the contraception program.  This then evolved to include the monitoring of all Big 5 animals as well as other predators.  In 2013 we were able to use this knowledge and experience to expand into the Zingela Reserve in Northern Limpopo.

Our projects have been established to provide a dedicated assistance to our partnered conservation areas.  By assisting with their specific information requirements we enable the reserves to make the best decisions for the welfare of their animals.  Siyafunda provides a unique and professional experience for individuals of these fascinating natural environments.


Siyafunda is committed to being the first choice for conservation volunteers from around the world

Siyafunda is committed to offering the best wildlife monitoring and sustainable support for game reserves, research and conservation projects

Siyafunda is committed to furthering knowledge and awareness by hosting researchers and interns from educational affiliations, while supporting and informing local communities

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