Shark Stewards

Our Work Includes:
  • Introduce and advocate for shark fin legislation banning the sale and trade of shark fin in US States.
  • Comment on fishing policy to reduce shark catch and limit shark and ray bycatch.
  • Creation of marine protected areas and shark sanctuaries, supporting ecotourism based economic models
  • Ocean health e.g. plastic bag bans and cigarette butt abatement programs
  • Determining the size, range and biology of local shark populations through Mark and Recapture and Genetic Analysis.
  • Evaluating the impacts of Shark Fishing on the Bay shark populations.
Ecosystem Protection:
  • Evaluating existing research and impacts on entire ecosystems of select regions of the San Francisco Bay known to host shark populations and other species of interest.
  • Determining regions with ideal habitat that will benefit sharks and other fish and marine invertebrates.
  • Defining regions where shark pupping is known to occur.
  • Developing partners and establish stakeholder support including fishermen to support protected areas in the San Francisco Bay.
  • Garnering support from local and state fisheries management to establish seasonal, size and regional protection for sharks.
  • Raising awareness on the importance of sharks locally and globally.
  • Shark population observation and citizen science
  • Shark Watch: Reaching out to schools and the public through shark events to celebrate the importance of sharks and a healthy San Francisco Bay.
  • Public and school lectures on sharks, marine ecosystems and marine protected areas
  • Promoting the practice of catch and release of all sharks in the San Francisco Bay
  • Advising consumers about health risks from mercury toxicity

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