Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

Environmental harmony between people and nature in Vietnam where wildlife is given the opportunity to flourish.

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife commits to protecting and increasing populations of threatened wildlife in Vietnam by rescuing threatened animals, protecting entire populations and ensuring secured habitats. We act to identify and select the best solutions which encompass high conservation value, are scientifically based, consider human requirements and empower people to take informed action.

History & Legal Status 

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW)
 is a national Non-Profit Organisation in Vietnam that was founded on the critical need for more effective solutions to secure a future for Vietnamese wildlife. At the core of SVW’s program of work in Viet Nam is a collaborative partnership with Cuc Phuong National Park to support the management and operation of the Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program (CPCP).

The CPCP was a species-specific project for the Owston’s Civet overseen by Fauna and Flora International in Cuc Phuong National Park. OCP became the ‘Small Carnivore Conservation Program’ (SCP) as its mandate expanded to include other species of mustelids and viverrids. In 2005, it was the same team that founded the ‘Asian Pangolin Conservation Program (APCP)’ the first organisation working with pangolins in Vietnam. In late of 2007 these two programs were combined to become the ‘Carnivore and Pangolin Conservation Program (CPCP)’, a progressive conservation program for all species of small carnivore and pangolin in Vietnam. The CPCP has been a program of Cuc Phuong National Park, and today focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and release of carnivores and pangolins confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade; and the development of global conservation breeding program for threatened carnivores and pangolins.

SVW was developed to help ensure the future of Vietnam’s incredible natural biodiversity. Threatened by habitat loss and the illegal wildlife trade the current situation is declining rapidly. SVW is actively engaged in supporting the confiscation of wildlife from the illegal trade, rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing animals into suitable and secured habitats that support conservation of wild populations. We will carry out scientific research to increase the understanding of the requirements for threatened species in the wild and in captivity. We will educate and train the public and Vietnamese law enforcement officers to promote positive perceptions and attitudes towards wildlife conservation. Finally, we will work to continually evolve animal welfare standards and practices for individual animals in the care of the CPCP and promote these ideals to the zoos and rescue centres in Vietnam.


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