Red Wolf Coalition

Founded in 1997, the Red Wolf Coalition (RWC) serves as the hub of private support for long-term red wolf restoration. Through a variety of programs, this website and print information, the RWC provides the public with science-based information about the biology and ecology of this endangered predator. The Coalition also teaches people about the value of red wolves to the ecosystem and to the people living in the restoration area. The RWC works with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service Red Wolf Recovery Program to stay up-to-date on red wolf restoration and management issues and to partner in the effort to maintain healthy populations of wild red wolves.


The Red Wolf Coalition (RWC) advocates for the long-term survival of red wolf populations by teaching about the red wolf and by fostering public involvement in red wolf conservation.


The Red Wolf Coalition envisions the long-term survival of free ranging, self-sustaining red wolf populations at three or more sites. The Coalition also envisions that the public will have an informed appreciation of red wolves; that the Red Wolf Coalition and the Red Wolf Center will be financially secure and appropriately staffed; that the Red Wolf Center will benefit the local and regional community; and that the Red Wolf Coalition will be a strong political voice and educational resource for red wolf recovery.


The Red Wolf Coalition is a non-profit corporation located at P.O. Box 96, Columbia, Tyrrell County, North Carolina 27925. The RWC offers programs and produces materials to increase public understanding of the red wolf and endangered species recovery. The RWC works with other conservation organizations to focus world-wide attention on the effort to ensure the long-term survival of wild red wolf populations. The organization helps to make available the red wolf teachers’ curriculum, Far Traveler.


  • To strengthen the impact and broaden the scope of educational products and programs to benefit both humans and red wolves.
  • To improve, maintain and update the Red Wolf Coalition’s interpretive and educational programs.
  • To expand the Red Wolf Coalition’s audiences, members and supporters.
  • To enhance the long-term financial security of the Red Wolf Coalition.


  • Red wolf populations thrive in targeted areas.
  • Humans coexist with red wolves and accept their presence as components of healthy ecosystems.
  • The Red Wolf Coalition offers accurate and effective education materials and programs.

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