Penguin Rescue

We’re giving penguins a helping hand

​​Our vision:
To remove yellow-eyed penguins off the endangered species list

​Our mission

To provide sanctuary for penguins
Our work:

  • Optimise penguin habitat
  • Maximise penguin survival and breeding success
  • Minimise disturbance of penguins
  • Enhance management through research
  • Advocate for penguin conservation

Yellow-eyed penguins breed on the southeast coast of New Zealand’s South Island (mainland), on Stewart Island and adjacent islands, and in the sub-antarctic on Auckland and Campbell Islands.
On the New Zealand mainland they  breed in four distinct breeding regions: the Catlins, Otago Peninsula, North Otago and Banks Peninsula.
On Stewart Island they breed along the northeastern and eastern shores, as well as on a range of island outliers, most importantly Codfish Island, around the exit of Paterson Inlet including Bench Island and further south in Port Pegasus. This species is 1 of the three most endangered species.

Penguin Rescue