Orangutan Outreach


Orangutan Outreach’s mission is to protect orangutans in their native habitat while providing care for orphaned and displaced orangutans until they can be returned to their natural environment. We seek to raise funds and promote public awareness of orangutan conservation issues by collaborating with partner organizations around the world.

As more and more rainforest disappears, orangutans are coming into frequent contact with humans. As a result more of them are being captured. It is absolutely vital that orangutans be returned to the wild where they can breed and propagate the species. Orangutans are on the brink of extinction, so each individual’s genetic blueprint is critical for the future survival of the species. It is absolutely crucial, therefore, that orangutans have a chance to live wild in the forest, where they can continue to have babies and thereby ensure their survival as a species. At orangutan rehabilitation centers in Borneo, captured orangutans are gently helped to prepare for life in the wild.

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