Global Conservation Force

Global Conservation Force is dedicated to saving wildlife from extinction through education, anti-poaching and conservation efforts.

There is currently a race to save the worlds’ threatened wildlife. Anti-Poaching Rangers stand between the poachers and the wildlife they desire. Due to the intensity of the recent outbreak of rhino and elephant poaching; anti poaching rangers, in some regions of the world, have become more like military teams.

On the ground action – our staff and president Mike Veale actively work on the problems, in situ, to gain the real insight from the places that are in trouble. Mike spends part of his year working with Anti Poaching units doing all types of patrols, wildlife protection details and enforcement. This is vital to ensure that the gear is getting to the correct place, the gear is appropriate and useable for the region and that it is worth continuing to supply the gear, equipment or new technology.

Founded by Mike Veale in 2014, Global Conservation Force is dedicated to saving endangered species and protecting habitats.

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