Conserv Congo

Conserv Congo is a nature conservation non-profit organization based in Kinshasa, Democratic republic of Congo. Founded by Adams Cassinga, a former investigative journalist turned wildlife crimes investigator, the movement is supported by a team of activists who volunteer their time, knowledge and skills to bring wildlife traffickers before justice. Created in 2014, the organization is registered by the ministry of justice as well as the ministry of environment/nature conservation and operates across the entire Congolese territory and at times, in the region.


Our mission is to preserve the biodiversity of the Congo basin.


  • Investigations of trafficking networks
  • Collaboration with authorities in arresting traffickers/poachers
  • Legal follow up in court for prosecution of traffickers poachers
  • Community sensitization of the laws and texts
  • Fighting corruption in cases involving wildlife crimes
  • Wildlife rescue and sanctuary placemen
  • Rehabilitation of wildlife in their natural habitat
  • Developing agriculture/farming to fight food
  • insecurity/alternative to poaching.