Cheetah Conservation Botswana


Botswana hosts the world’s second largest population of cheetahs, behind Namibia, with an estimated population of around 2000 individuals. This accounts for approximately 20% of the world’s remaining cheetahs. Due to the location of Botswana in the centre of southern Africa, this population is also crucial to facilitate connectivity between the remaining populations of Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Angola.
Because of their wide-ranging natures, animals like the cheetah and the African wild dog need large areas to survive. As a result, protected areas cannot solely maintain populations of these species, and the conservation of these animals requires concerted efforts in land use planning on a large scale, and conservation efforts in agricultural areas where conflict with farmers arises. The problems of habitat loss, population fragmentation and human encroachment on wild areas are bringing human-wildlife conflict into the forefront of conservation for many species, but it is particularly crucial to cheetah survival. These factors, in combination with the threat from poaching and declines in prey species availability, are the focus behind the conservation strategy of CCB.
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