Beads for Wildlife

When you support Beads for Wildlife, you are helping to improve the lives of the people and animals of Northern Kenya. Buy yours today at

Each handmade Beads for Wildlife piece you purchase provides a woman in Northern Kenya with the choice of a reliable income that doesn’t impact local wildlife!

Beads for Wildlife helps:

  • Provide crucial support for 900 families. One woman beadwork artisan can earn enough income to support her entire family
  • Increase the number of critically endangered Grevy’s Zebras seen in the Melako area of Northern Kenya
  • Reduce the community’s reliance on large numbers of livestock which reduces competion with local wildlife for natural resources
  • Families to buy school uniforms (equates to only two bracelets) which enables their children to go to school
  • Improve food security and access to health care
  • Reduce violent conflicts between tribes as men feel less pressure to steal and fight over livestock

More Beads = Less Livestock = More Wildlife

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