Ape Alliance

The Ape Alliance, which started in 1996 (read about 2001 – An Ape Odyssey), is an international coalition of organizations and individuals (view Ape Alliance members), working for the conservation and welfare of apes.

It exists to:

  • Provide a forum for discussion of issues relating to apes.
  • Develop position papers on key issues.
  • Lobby collectively for enactment and/or enforcement of legislation to improve the welfare and/or conservation of apes.
  • Campaign for greater public awareness of ape issues and increase respect for apes.
  • Facilitate information exchange between member groups and, where appropriate, coordinate activities to maximize their beneficial effect.

Attendance at Ape Alliance meetings is open to any organizations and individuals, by invitation, who share its goals.

Note: The Ape Alliance is a worldwide coalition that includes more than 80 member organizations and a network of hundreds of specialists, all of whom share a concern for non-human primates. Position papers, reports and letters PUBLISHED ON THIS WEBSITE do not necessarily reflect the views of every member of the Ape Alliance; members are free to sign on to, or opt out of, campaigns, working groups or correspondence according to their individual priorities.

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