• Beads for Wildlife

    When you support Beads for Wildlife, you are helping to improve the lives of the people and animals of Northern Kenya. Buy yours today at Each handmade Beads for Wildlife piece you purchase provides a woman in Northern Kenya with the choice of a reliable income that doesn’t impact local

  • Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center

    Reports of illegally held Grauer’s gorilla infants began increasing around 2008, but there was no long-term solution for dealing with these animals, once they were confiscated by wildlife officers. The Congolese Wildlife Authority (Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature, ICCN) urged the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, a gorilla research

  • Grevy’s Zebra Trust

    ABOUT US The Grevy’s Zebra Trust was established in January 2007 to address the urgent need to conserve Grevy’s zebra(Equus grevyi) in the community rangelands of Kenya and Ethiopia. We are an independent wildlife conservation Trust registered in Kenya. Our Mission The Grevy’s Zebra Trust conserves the endangered Grevy’s zebra

  • Niassa Carnivore Project

    Niassa Carnivore Project Our mission is to conserve lions and other large carnivores (leopards, spotted hyenas, and African wild dogs) in the vast Niassa National Reserve (16,000 ml2 ; 42,000 km2) in Mozambique. We work in collaboration with the Mozambican government, the Reserve Management Authority and local communities. Niassa is

  • The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

    Born from one family’s passion for Kenya and its wilderness, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is today the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa. Founded in 1977 by Dr. Dame Daphne

  • Ape Action Africa

    Ape Action Africa is passionate about great ape conservation in Cameroon. Our goals are to address the immediate threats faced by gorillas and chimps in Africa, and to work with communities to develop long-term solutions to ensure their survival in the wild. We  rescue orphaned and injured gorillas and chimpanzees,

  • Global Conservation Force

    Global Conservation Force is dedicated to saving wildlife from extinction through education, anti-poaching and conservation efforts. There is currently a race to save the worlds’ threatened wildlife. Anti-Poaching Rangers stand between the poachers and the wildlife they desire. Due to the intensity of the recent outbreak of rhino and elephant

  • Giraffe Conservation Fund

    GCF’s Mission GCF is dedicated to a sustainable future for all giraffe populations in the wild. GCF’s Objectives GCF is established as a Namibian charitable and funding institution of a public character, with the objective to raise awareness for, provide support to and secure a future for giraffe and conserve

  • Siyafunda Wildlife & Conservation

    Siyafunda Wildlife and Conservation is a dedicated conservation volunteering organisation. We focus singularly on establishing volunteer projects within conservation areas. “To Learn and To Teach” (“Siyafunda” in Zulu) are the objectives on which Siyafunda Wildlife and Conservation is founded and the basic principles that drive our projects. Our aim is

  • The Rhino Orphanage

    .The Rhino Orphanage is a registered non-profit company based in the Limpopo Province and was founded by Arrie van Deventer in 2012. The orphanage is the first specialist, dedicated, non-commercial centre that cares for orphaned and injured baby rhinos with the only aim of releasing them back into the wild.