• World Parrot Trust

    HOW WE WORK The World Parrot Trust (WPT) has brought together global wildlife conservation and welfare specialists to direct and put into action effective programs to protect parrots. Our approach is rooted in science, and is based on decades of first hand experience in the field as well as a

  • Cheetah Conservation Botswana

    CHEETAH CONSERVATION BOTSWANA Botswana hosts the world’s second largest population of cheetahs, behind Namibia, with an estimated population of around 2000 individuals. This accounts for approximately 20% of the world’s remaining cheetahs. Due to the location of Botswana in the centre of southern Africa, this population is also crucial to

  • Wild Tomorrow Fund

    We are here to provide compassionate people around the world a way to fight back against those who are poaching defenseless species such as elephants, rhinos, and lions to the point of extinction. Having worked for anti-poaching organizations in South Africa we saw first hand the dire situation many species

  • Pan African Sanctuary Alliance – PASA

    The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA), the largest association of wildlife centers and sanctuaries in Africa, includes 22 organizations in 13 countries which are securing a future for Africa’s primates and their habitat by rescuing and caring for orphaned apes and monkeys, protecting endangered primates from extinction, working to stop

  • Turgwe Hippo Trust

    The Turgwe Hippo Trust came into being after the hippos’ lives were threatened during a horrendous drought in the south east Lowveld of Zimbabwe, back in 1991/92. This non-profit Trust was formed after the successful completion of a feeding program and water supply exercise undertaken by the Paolillo’s during those

  • African People and Wildlife Fund

    Our Mission: The African People & Wildlife Fund (APW) builds the capacity of rural Africans to engage in environmental conservation and sustainable livelihood strategies that promote the dual objectives of biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation. At APW, we emphasize the importance of place-based and community-led initiatives that support the collective

  • Sanccob

    SANCCOB is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO 003-134) whose primary objective is to reverse the decline of seabird populations through the rescue, rehabilitation and release of ill, injured, abandoned and oiled seabirds – especially endangered species like the African penguin. The organisation works closely with colony managers to identify birds

  • Gorilla Fund

    What We Do at the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Founded by Dian Fossey in 1978, we are dedicated to the conservation and protection of gorillas and their habitats in Africa. We are committed to promoting continued research on the gorillas and their threatened ecosystems and to providing education about their

  • Ruaha Carnivore Project

    Ruaha Carnivore Project Today, conservation scientists face the daunting challenge of maintaining biodiversity in an increasingly human-dominated landscape. Although protected areas can provide vital refugia, reserves large enough to conserve viable populations of large carnivores are few and far between, so maintaining wild cats and other large carnivores across much

  • Blue Ventures

    Our story started over a decade ago, surveying coral reefs in the Mozambique channel. Vezo communities in southern Madagascar were concerned about the decline of their fisheries, so we supported one village to experiment with closing off a small section of their octopus gleaning area for a few months, to see whether this might boost